Department Of Information & Communication Technology / Online information on Authorized Information Kiosk list

Department of Information and Communication Technology

Name Contact Number Constituency Location Services
B Pily 8131984683 Tipa Tuisih All CSC Services
K Vawsa 7085767445 siaha vaihpi - II All CSC Services
K. Malsawma 8415012252 Siaha New Colony, Siaha All CSC Services
H Rt Khuma 8414917904 Siaha New colony I Siaha All CSC Services
Emmilories Vanlalrema 9862306735 Saiha New Saiha All CSC Services
James Lalrohlun 8414963196 Serchhip Baktawng All CSC Services
BILLY R L ZORAMMUANA 8014611146 Serchhip Khumtung All CSC Services
R. Lalawmpuii 9862367255 Serchhip Khawbel All CSC Services
C Zonunsanga 9089947871 Serchhip Serchhip Vengchung All CSC Services
K Lalduhsaki 9366964233 Serchhip Hualtu All CSC Services


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